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Continuous Professional Development


Continuous personal and professional development is your key to the future

BPS is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of our teachers, and this is evident through our extensive professional development programs.

We recognize the importance of investing in our educators, and to this end, we offer up to 30 hours of professional learning opportunities during the school day each academic year. These opportunities not only aid in the continuous growth of our teachers but also provide them with a seamless integration of new research-based best practices into their classrooms. 

In addition to the regular in-service hours, we provide robust job-embedded professional development, onsite coaching and learning labs to our educators. These initiatives not only enhance the skills of our teachers but also enable them to mentor the new teachers who join our dynamic community. Our strategic plan prioritizes high-quality professional learning and development to ensure our educators remain at the forefront of educational excellence. We believe in the power of high-quality curriculum materials and align our professional development efforts with research-based best practices to equip our teachers with the necessary tools to succeed. Our passionate educators are committed to delivering the best possible instruction to our students, and the district ensures that they receive the support required to do so.