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Hours of Operation

The library is available for students to use during school hours. Students who are not accompanied by a staff member must obtain a pass from their class.

Students are required to follow the BCS rules of behavior. When in the library, we kindly request that all patrons:

1.  Be doing something productive. 
2.  Be doing it in a way that allows others to be productive.
3.  Be respectful of other people and property.
4.  Ask for help when needed – we are happy to assist you!


Lost/Damaged Materials

If a student misplaces any material from the library, they will be obligated to cover the expenses for replacing the borrowed item. Occasionally, books are lost and compensated for, only to be discovered later. In the event that the lost item is returned to the library within 90 days, the cost of the book will be reimbursed to the student's family.

Should a student bring back a library item that is in a state of damage, they will bear the responsibility of covering the replacement cost for the impaired item.


Students may borrow up to four materials at a time. For most library materials, the loan period is two weeks. Exceptions to this rule are graphic novels and DVDs -- these items are due within one week. Students may renew their materials online (login to Destiny using ClassLink for access) or in the library.

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Every week, we send out overdue notices to both student BPS gmail accounts and parent emails. We do not impose any fines for overdue items.